Monday, 30 April 2012

An Afghan 30 years in the making

Today I finished putting together the 100+ granny squares for an afghan that I made 30 years or so ago.  The wool was so old it cost $1.39 a skein and was from Woolworths.  This was pre-internet and done without any kind of a pattern.  I think I had an example or picture and worked from there.  So I had all these blue varigated squares, each one incorrectly made.  And  after searching the internet for a way to put them together that didn't involve sewing them, I picked a method and in about a week I finished a task I started when I was just out of high school.  I remember working on it, sitting on my green loveseat between my parents in thèir almost mstching recliners.  This memory brings tears to my eyes, as I remember how much I was loved and how much I miss those two wonderful people.  Now if I could only decide what to do with it.


  1. that's amazing! Congratulations - will the be photos?

    I have some squares lying around, but would still need to knit more. And am hoping my sister's kids will take up knitting some day so that afghan I also started in highschool will be finished! ;)

    1. I will take pictures, but I found some more squares, enough to make another row. And I need to tuck in those nasty ends of the wool. Thanks for the support.