Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Diva Challenge 169: String Theory: Circles

I loved the Diva's concentric circles so much that I just had to borrow the format and do one too. 

And  it doesn't qualify because it doesn't fit into the square format, but sometimes I like to fill a page with tangles and when the topic of circles came up,  this is what I had in my sketchbook.  Does anyone else do this?


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I am the Diva, Weekly Challenge #168: Rain

Rain, rain, go away, don't come back another day.  It's been raining here in Southern Ontario too, so I drew some strings of rain falling from the sky.  It was fun to fill in all those triangles with different tangles.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Artful Creations Tackle it Tuesdays Tangle: 'L'

Here is my 'L' tangles:  Lori, Lokiomotive, Lace Curtain, Lanie and Luv-A, with a string in the shape of an L.  I like the new tangle Lori and I love Luv-A.  Can't say Lanie is done very well, but live and learn.

Diva Challenge 167: Punzel and Well

Punzel is sitting in the corner, green with envy that Well has taken over the tangle.  (Might have something to do with my inability to do Punzel very well, and a love of Well.)  She needs to let her hair down and be rescued, or better yet, rescue herself from the Well, with a little more practice.

Friday, 2 May 2014

The letter 'J' for Artful Creations Tackle it Tuesday

Here is my tangle using patterns starting with "J":  Japan Diamond, Jakubs, Jalousie, Jetties, and the string is a modified script 'j' running corner to corner.  Thanks for the opportunity to participate.  These are fun!