Thursday, 13 February 2014

29 Faces - # 5, 6. 7

I'm starting to fall behind with my 29 faces because I have 3 half done that I want to paint.  Here are some more:

#5 - An attempt to radically change my style by drawing one of those girls with large eyes that are seen here and there.  This one was inspired by Mary R. Artist at the Let's Paint Fabulous Faces April 2013 Facebook group, but hers are lovely, mine just has big eyes.  Media used include soft pastels, pan pastels, prismacolour coloured pencils;  I don't think she's finished yet


#6 - an attempt at a silhouette.  She looks very fierce and her jaw is way too large.  Not very successful

 #7 -  "Beach baby, beach baby...Don't know why that song was running through me head as I was drawing her - perhaps the pony tail, which is in the lyrics to the song.  Not to bad an attempt.  Hair's a bit thin, but then some of us have thin hair.

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