Monday, 26 October 2015

Every Inchie Monday: Texture

Hello Folks,

A toughie this week at Every Inchie Monday:  texture.  Couldn't decide what to do, so I offer you two choices.  The first is a one inch square of a very textured fabric:

And a container of texture paste.  Curry's brand is called modelling paste, but if you can read the French, it is called "Pate a Texturer".

 My quilled inchie is supposed to be tactile. If you run your finger over it, you feel different textures because of the different heights and shapes of the pieces.  OK, this is stretching it.

Go around touching things this week - but don't get caught!


  1. What an array of texture samples. Definitely love your quilled one. I love running my fingers over my quilled stuff. I will be touching my cat all week (and beyond). Hope he doesn't notice.

  2. lol I do love the different takes that you have on the theme. I really love the quilled one.

  3. Three very different textures, great ideas.

  4. Very nice to show a variety of ways of thinking about texture!

  5. Kia, love your ideas this week. A texture pate! And your quilled things, what fun! I love to touch stuff--I used to work in fabrics and there are so many beautiful things! Probably has gotten me into a trouble, more than once! Have a brilliant day! c

  6. Three great ideas for texture. As much as I like internet shopping that's the problem you can't touch and feel what you're buying anymore.