Monday, 9 November 2015

Every Inchie Monday: Nymph

Hello Folks,

For this week's word for Every Inchie Monday, nymph, I'm revisiting that art history course I once took on 'Myth and Allegory in the Italian Renaissance' and the painting of multiple meanings, Sandro Botticelli's "La Primavera".  On the right side of the painting, "Zephyrus, the biting wind of March, kidnaps and possesses the nymph Chloris, whom he later marries and transforms into a deity; she becomes the goddess of Spring, eternal bearer of life, and is scattering roses on the ground" [Wikipedia]  (My one inch square was too small to see properly, so I enlarged it using the blogspot feature.)

Here's the whole painting, one of my absolute favourites, for its stunning beauty and the complexity of its meaning.

And my quilled nymph inchie goes in an entirely different direction  Here is a nymph moth, using the correct colours in the (sort of) correct places:

Nymph is defined as "a mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, woods, or other locations"

Let's all be one this week.


  1. Botticelli is cool. You quilled nymph moth is mega cool! You are mega cool!

  2. love the painting! I like the butterfly, similar to what I did but I like yours better!

  3. Awesome inchies. I love that quilled moth!

  4. Beautyful post. Your quilling is really good.

  5. Dear Kia, thanks for the art history lesson. Botticelli is a fave, but I don't recall studying this particular work. Your inchie is cool! Nicely done. Have a brilliant day! c

  6. Great artist for your beautiful
    Love Chrissie xx

  7. Great inchies - your quilled moth is fantastic :-)))