Monday, 18 January 2016

Everry Inchie Monday: Sofa

Hello Folks,

I'm not sure where sofa, this week's word at Every Inchie Monday, fits into the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  I presume we are still in the early part of the book.  Is there a sofa in Arthur's house?  Maybe someone can tell me.  

I'e been rewatching the original BBC TV adaptation (found here) and am enjoying it immensely, but being based on the original, much shorter radio play, there is no sofa (at least not so far).  Unfortunately my library's e-book collection only has audio versions of the book which I find disappointing as I much prefer to read than listen.  I think I gave away my copies of the books when I went on major book purge two years ago -- still need to purge more.

I've always wanted to have a reclining sofa, so that is what I have drawn:

Again this week I had trouble with a quilled inchie for the word, so I built a small sofa out of paper and put it on a patterned 'rug' instead.

Let's all recline and take it easy this week!


  1. I used to want one of those couches as well. Thought they were so glamorous! I do also love the quilled couch and the rug is adorable!

  2. Two fabulous inchies, I was puzzled by the sofa as well.

  3. Two fabulous inchies, I was puzzled by the sofa as well.

  4. I have not yet read the book. Guess I'd better do it soon. I think your sofa is just wonderful. Fun paper one too!

  5. Was there supposed to be a link to the hitchhiker's galaxy? Or am I being a numpty!!? Whatever, I absolutely love your inchies especially the 3D version - very cute. My sister did have a chaise longue - I remember dressing up and lounging on it!!!

  6. Dear Kia, stop by and recline on my chaise. It's scrumptious and the size of a house. As for the sofa reference, the overly ADHD two-headed President of the Galaxy makes his grand entrance on a red sofa in a bubble, then proceeds to....ooh, don't want to give it away now! SO, pretty early on in the story. Love your dimensional sofa and rug. Darling! Have a brilliant day! Cheryl

    1. I missed that reference in HHGG - Ill have to go back and find it - thanks for clearing it up for me

  7. I'm just lying back on your reclining sofa and perusing all the lovely sofas from this week!