Sunday, 26 June 2016

Every Inchie Monday: Physics

Hello Folks,

Well, this week I found two references to physics at this point in HHGG.  One is a mention of Improbability Physics, which applies to the improbability drive of the Heart of Gold.  The other relates to Trillian, who in explaining her reason for hitching a lift with Zaphod says, "After all with a degree in Maths and another in astrophysics what else was there to do?  It was either that or the dole-queue again on Monday...." [chapter 13]

My first inchie is the obvious one - probably the most famous equation in the world:

The quilled inchie was difficult.  The definition of physics says in part that it deals with the structure of atoms. So I depicted an atom of water, with one oxygen molecule and two of hydrogen to get H20.  I don't know -- it was a hard one this week.  (Looks a bit like Mickey Mouse to me, now that I look at it.)  

I remember loving physics in high school but darned if I can remember any of it now!


  1. Now why did you say it looked like Micky Mouse, 'cos that's all I can see now. Great inchies, you are doing well keeping up with the quilled ones.

  2. LOL! I'm with Wendy. You set us up for that visual! Both are wonderful. You loved physics? Humm, can't even imagine :)

  3. Terrific inchies and I looked at your profile and your cat is beautiful

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Love your inchies. Nice to see two every week.
    Yes there are two references. I took physics at this point because Arthur thought about the party and in the next chapter is the part with the improbability drive of the Heart of Gold.

  5. The physics of Mickey Mouse! I love it!

  6. Oh my what brilliant inchies - love your Micky Mouse!!!

  7. Thanks Kia for keeping us up on the story line. I liked Physics, too, but am glad I didn't have to take it at the university level. I remind those around me constantly that it's "all about vectors." Drives 'em crazy! Like your quilled interpretation; indeed, where would we be without water? c

  8. How amazing that you & I have used the same thing as our inchie! Forgotten all about physics since I left school lol.