Monday, 1 August 2016

Every Inchie Monday: Sheep

Hello Fellow Inchers,

Don't you just love Marvin the paranoid android?  He and Arthur make interesting companions while, having been abandoned by Zaphod, Trillion and Ford,  they wait on the surface of Magarathea.  Arthur enthuses about the sunset with two suns, the stars coming out, the oceans of Earth, but Marvin only thinks they are "wretched".  It takes only a short period of time in Marvin's company for Arthur to say, "I think I'll just take another walk."  Marvin replies, "'Don't blame you' and counted five hundred and ninety-seven thousand million sheep before falling sleep again a second later." [Chapter 21]  

Nothing fancy here, just a slightly cross-eyed sheep.

I put the quilled sheep on flowery patterned paper because  I thought it would look like it was in a pastoral setting, but I think it really just hides the sheep a little bit.  Too late to change it by the time the glue had dried.

Have pleasant dreams this week.


  1. I love your sheep! Hope to be too tired this week to have to count any ....that includes the ones that have been coming onto the plot of land at the end of our row of chalets, they are there to chomp back the vegetation & have 2 massive guard dogs with them and a very large swarm of flies!


  2. Two fabulous inchies, love the crossed eyed one.

  3. So much fun, Kia! I love both of your sheep, especially the cross-eyed one LOL!

  4. love both of them. I wondered how you would quill this one!

  5. Two fun inchies, thanks for the passage from HHGTTG - I always wonder where the words come from. Great work

  6. Delightful, Kia! Love the black and white quilled one. C