Monday, 18 July 2016

Every Inchie Monday: spiral

Hello Fellow Inchers,

Well if rain was difficult to find, spiral was darn near impossible.  I only found it because it is on the page facing the rain reference (I'm not re-reading the whole book - just looking for the words).

In chapter 18, after the gang have (or is it has - is gang singular or plural?) escaped the misslies being hurtled at them by turning on the improbability drive, Ford "who was sitting on the spiral staircase, a nicely chilled Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster in his hand says 'But where are we?'"

Drawing a spiral staircase seemed beyond my ability.  And I really wanted to do the subject I picked.

When I was a little girl I spent eight years taking figure skating lessons (at 2 different clubs at the same time) - it's what you did as a Canadian girl child when I grew up.  Now girls play hockey too.  I tried to draw a skating spiral, but I am hopeless at drawing figures.  I can draw faces, but get all messed up when I have to do bodies too.  So I cheated and found a picture on google. 

And I 'quilled' a spiral, although  I'm not sure just twisting a piece of paper constitutes quilling:

I loved figure skating as a kid and I still follow it diligently on TV.  I do have a thing about Women's figure skating though, because the skaters are so young - hardly old enough to be called women.  But when our bodies mature it is very difficult to do some of the things the youngsters can do.  I think they should have age categories or something, beyond what they already have.  

Off my soapbox.  Hope everyone has a special week, without too many stressful twists and turns.


  1. Beautiful inchies and well done for finding the word.

    How wonderful to have done figure skating it always looks so elegants

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Interesting to know this about you, Kia! I am not sure if your second one would be quilling, but it certainly is paper art and quite clever.

  3. Two great inchies. I would be hopeless on ice, my balance is good, but afraid of falling.

  4. Yes, you are right it is the spiral staircase from chapter 18.
    Love your inchies.

  5. Well done for locating said spiral & sharing your inchies!


  6. I always love that you find the challenge word each week - a great reminder for those who have read it - unfortunately I've only read the first book - didn't know there were others but I've got them now - to read - at some time!! Lovely inchies and great that you did figure skating - so difficult but as you say easier the earlier you start - my ankles were too weak but I too love watching.

    1. there are actually 5 books in the 'trilogy' and I think a sixth written by Adams wife and someone else

  7. loved your take on the theme. I always loved figure skating as well

  8. Thanks for sharing and your unique interpretation of the theme. Figure skating is so elegant with the spirals and skating is your Canadian birthright...and "gang" is singular. c