Monday, 17 October 2016

Every Inchie Monday: Horizon

Hello Folks - thanks for stopping by.

Well finding horizon (this week's word at Every Inchie Monday) was easy because it's in the same passage as direction, so I'll just copy last week's entry:

"...Zaphod was standing and scanning the horizon, because that was how far the gold ground stretched in every direction. perfectly smooth and solid.  It gleamed like ... it's impossible to say what it gleamed like because nothing in the Universe gleams in quite the same way a planet made of solid gold does."

On to the inchies.  My first offering uses one point perspective which I used to love to teach to students.  Three little rules and instant success.  It was always so satisfying to see their faces when they realized they could actually do something that at first thought seems difficult.  We also used to let the students out of the classroom to draw the hallways which the students always loved - no way to supervise them all at the same time -- freedom!

My quilled inchie is quite simplistic with a generic sun and a straight horizon - but not too bad considering it is quilled.

Have a great week expanding your horizons.


  1. Great ideas and thank you for finding the word

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. love both ideas! We rarely got to do anything in the halls of school but when we did it was always awesome!

  3. Great inchies Kia and thanks as ever for putting the word in the context of HHGTTG

  4. I only remember huddling in the halls during air raid drills. Not as much fun LOL! Wasn't it just the best to actually see the joy that came from learning? Great inchies, Kia!

  5. Ah, to get back to the basics! Gotta try that myself, sometime. I think the quilled one with the little rosebuds is just delightful. c

  6. So glad someone is still quoting the location of the words as well as sharing lovely inchies:-) I'm determined to get round to visit every blog this week!


  7. Phantastic inchies. Thank you for the citation.