Monday, 7 November 2016

Every Inchie Monday: Cloud

Well folks, I think this week I have to admit defeat.  I can't find cloud in the part of the part of the book we are at.  Maybe I missed it or maybe it's earlier in the book, but there comes a point where the search is no longer fun, so I stopped looking.

[edit - see Jenny J's comment below - she found it]

Here are my inchies.  The first is simply happy little clouds floating across a blue sky:

I included some rain with the quilled inchie because clouds are not always simple benign happy things:

I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't find cloud, but nevermind.  Have a happy week.


  1. I love your quilled cloud with rain drops plus your lovely swirly clouds. I found one bit in HHGTTG but I think it's further in the book. Quote" The people of Krikkit have never thought to themselves "we are alone in the universe" They are surrounded by a huge dust cloud, you see, their single sun with its single world, and they are right out on the utmost eastern edge of the Galaxy." Startibartfast just explained that to Arthur after watching the Krikkit Masters sing their way home!

    1. Thank you Jenny! Just got tired of looking last night. I have most of the others found but that one escaped me

  2. Good to see 2 types of cloud!


  3. Wonderful inchies. Beautiful work on both

    Love Chrissie xx