Monday, 14 July 2014

Catching Up on Inchies

Having joined the Every Inchie Monday group on June 23 with the word Maid, suddenly I became addicted to these tiny gems of art.  So I decided to go back and catch up with those that I had missed for 2014,  I left off last week with Cathedral so here are the next few.   I hope no one minds if I add these to this weeks Inchie link as I forgot to do so when I entered Navy this week, as I was on my way to a specialist appointment and didn't want to be late.  If it isn't please delete this post.

Chocolate:  Mmmm chocolate.  I had to go with my favourite chocolate bar Caramilk.  I came up with several different versions, trying to get the gold shine into the picture,  I had to hyphenate the name in order to get it to fit on the bar itself.

Dual:  The best dual I could think of was yin/yang. 
Dark:  I love Snoopy writing his novel.  He always begins with "It was a dark and stormy night."  Did you know there are entire books composed with people writing little blurbs all beginning with this phrase?  I have one and it is hilarious. 
Explode:  I got a little bit serious with this one and portrayed that which we are all afraid of: nuclear explosion.

Engrave:  And one more so as not to leave it on a negative note.  Engrave is defined as "To carve, cut, or etch into a material".   I chose to use a hand carved stamp on an Inktense background.  It's only part of a leaf stamp because the whole stamp was too big for the inchie.  (I'm really in love with my new Inktense pencils - 72 colours - yummy.)
Thanks for looking at my inchies.  They are so much fun.  More to come!


  1. We're cheering for you! Excellent inchies!

  2. Hi Kia, I don't mind you posting the link at all! I love revisiting the old words and these are awesome! I'm still short about three that I missed, I need to get inspired by you to go back and get them completed.... when I have some breathing and art time! =)

  3. Brilliant to see you catching up - another fabulous display of inchies - keep linking :)

  4. So glad that you are catching up. I love looking at what you come u with.

  5. Brilliant catch ups !


  6. I give you kudos for doing all the catch up Inchies!!! You're doing an AWESOME job, too!!! You're making me feel guilty though about my Twinchies. I am sooooooo behind on those! Maybe, you're my inspiration!! :0) Share Humanity