Sunday, 20 July 2014

Every Inchie Monday: Odd

This week's word at Every Inchie Monday is odd,  I really wanted to use my mum's old expression Odds and Sods, to mean a conglomeration of various things, but couldn't figure out exactly how to portray it.  (And sod is not a nice word in England where she came from.)

 So I went for two more ordinary ideas:  odd numbers - they are sparkly letter stickers,  and odd balls  -- those red, blue and white balls are the ones we treasured as children (medium Inktense pencils).

Now for my weekly catch up!  I left off with engrave, so the next one is

Forest:  I thought of drawing the box of chocolates from Forest Gump, but thought that was too much like chocolate so I got kind of ordinary here and just drew a little forest of trees (can you hear one fall?)  I tried to get a little bunny in there but it was just too small.  Medium:  Prismacolour  coloured pencils. 

Figure:  I spent many years figure skating as a child.  True iconic Canadian, I grew up with an ice pond in my backyard and a front yard that froze over every year.  I learned to skate as I learned to walk..  I belonged to two clubs at the same time but when it came time for private lessons, to my regret it simply wasn't in the budget. Medium: Prismacolour coloued pencils and silver gelly pen.

Game:  I always wanted to own Boardwalk when playing Monopoly as a child, mostly because I liked to colour of the tile I think.  It didn't often end up with me winning, that's for sure.  Medium: coloured cardstock, Inktense pencils.

Gold:  I seem to like doing the colours when they come up.  Here is used a gold button and some sparkly scrapbook paper.  The hardest part, as usual, was taking a picture of it so the shine came through. 

Head:  I got very ordinary here again and tried to draw a head in a one inch square,   My vanity wants to assure you I  can draw heads more or less properly, if given enough room!   Then I decided to use another idea from the 4H club, which stands for Head. Heart, Hands and Health.  It's a sort of country-wide agricultural club.  I joined because  I wanted to have a horse, even though we couldn't afford it. 

Hot:  I love hot air balloons, although I don't think you'd ever get me up in one!  They are so beautiful as they float across the sky.  Medium:  gelly pens, brown pigma micron, Prismacolors.

That's enough for this week.  More to come.



  1. You are, indeed, a good artist. And an amazing catcher-upperer too. How cutely tiny are those numbers in the odd inchie! Love your idea for figure. They are all good, keep 'em coming.

  2. I love the Odd inchie, great minds think alike!! I also love the back inchies, you are catching up. great job throughout!!!

  3. I loved all your artwork! Fantastic!

  4. Well done with all your inchies. It's not easy catching up.

  5. Very nice to revisit some of the past Inchie words as you catch up. They are all so well done. I love your drawing too.

  6. You have been busy with your catch-up work. Love the drawing of the head as well

    Love Chrissie x

  7. Awesome job on them all!!! You amaze me that you are catching up so quickly!! I love the portrait sketch you did also. Is it you? :0) Share Humanity

    1. Is it me? I wish! No, it's a sketch from a magazine ad.

  8. These are all fabulous. Think my favourite might be the trees but then I love the skate too...and the gold...:)