Tuesday, 21 October 2014

190 Diva: pink

At I am the Diva Laura has asked us to honour her grandmother Ardath who passed away last winter due to complications from breast cancer.  October is breast cancer awareness month as well, so we are to use pink in our tiles.

I made a tile with lots of symbolism.   First, I chose to use a quilt-like pattern because quilts are an art form typically (but not always) made by women.  Each of the tangles I chose represent some aspect of woman (although I am aware that men, too, can get breast cancer). 

Kuke: to represent a woman's role in feeding her family
bateek:  to represent her role in clothing her family (and as an art form itself)
buttercup:  because all women deserve flowers
mumsy: for all the mothers out there
a heart: while not a tangle I wanted to use the heart to represent all the love and support we feel for the women in our lives
chemystery: for all the advances made by science that has made the survival rate for breast cancer much higher than it used to be
hopscotch: for all the children women take care of
holiday ornaments: for the role women play in making homes for their loved ones

And I hope Laura doesn't mind but I felt the need here to make a tribute to my own mother who died from pancreatic and liver cancer.  This is a particularly virile form of cancer with a very low survival rate.  My mother died five weeks after diagnosis.  And even though it's been 25 years, I still couldn't make this Zia without tears streaming down my face.

All the tangles have hearts in them:  heartstrings, heartvine, rose (couldn't figure out how to get the accent on the 'e'), Haley's hearts, leafheart, heartrope, heartfully


  1. The spirit of this weeks theme is so wonderfully represented by your heartfelt and well thought out Designs. Thanks for this wonderful Post, Kia.

  2. I think this challenge brought tears for many people. Beautiful tile and a beautiful post.

  3. Thank you for reminding us of all the roles women play in the lives of others. I lamost started crying when reading about your mom XXXOOOXXX.

  4. Both your tangles come from the heart. Beautiful.

  5. So true about the challenge bringing thoughts round to our own losses! Your tile is a story!

  6. Both are great, beautiful tributes!

  7. A beautiful post with a loving tribute.

  8. Dear Kia, you really put a lot of thought and wrapped a lot of love into your response. I am sorry for your loss but you drew a great memorial to your mom and all women and mothers. Have a brilliant day! c

  9. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story. Your ability to make such a beautiful tribute to your mother, while letting the tears flow - for me it shows that your heart is open.

    I love the "quilt". beautiful idea, beautiful drawing

  10. Dear Kia!! This is a lovely tangle ... thank you for sharing your Mom's story. I still cry when I think of my Mom too - but from emphasema ... so sad. Thank you for your sharing!! I got behind but I am here now :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  11. Kia, I love your quilt tribute to your Mom and all of the people who have had to deal with cancer in one form or another. As I was reading your story, I too was crying, both for my Mom, who died from Alzheimer's and my true love, who died from pancreatic cancer, also about 5 weeks after diagnosis. I think your quilt is perfect in describing what a Mom does and it is beautiful.