Monday, 6 October 2014

Every Inchie Monday: Thistle

This week at Every Inchie Monday the word is Thistle.

Ah, another opportunity to depict my Scottish heritage.  My grandmother was forever embroidering Scottish thistles on handkerchiefs and table cloths - anything she could get her hands on.  I have a few left, but they are packed away somewhere as I try to get my house into some sort of shape to be able to move.  I would have liked to use one of her embroideries. 

Here, instead, I have just drawn a thistle, with the word Scotland, The background is blue for the flag of Scotland - the flag of St. Andrew.  I used inktense pencils.

Thought I'd share the project that has had me obsessed over the past weeks.  I started it 30+ years ago and finally finished it this week.  It's too bad the camera can't capture the sparkle from all the sequins.  Now I have to figure out what to do with a Christmas tree skirt when I no longer am able to put up a Christmas tree.  Oh well.  Nevertheless, I had so much fun doing it, I've started on another.
Have a sparkly week.


  1. Wonderful tree skirt--I once started to make one but gave up on it.

    Love the thistle inchie.

    Chrissie x

  2. Such a beautiful and proud inchie! That project is amazing! Wow, what a milestone achievement - good on you!

  3. Och aye, that's a bonny thistle lass! Love your tree skirt too, I must dig mine out this year as I'll be in Scotland for the festivities rather than having a guarantees white Christmas in the alps.


  4. Oh my! Your inchie and mine are almost twins! I love that tree skirt. Maybe you can just hang it up on the wall for the holidays.

  5. love the story behind your inchie and very cool that you got the tree skirt done. Who says you cant make it into a table topper of some sort? great work.

  6. Great inchie and love the tree skirt. I move in 9 days, so know where you are coming from. I am struggling finding things now.

  7. Love your inchie. Moving is always such a hassle. I really need to relocate, but don't want to have to pack everything up, and then unpack.

  8. Dear Kia, I can totally relate to trying to find things after moving. I opened a box over the weekend that had obviously not been touched in over ten years (and FIVE moves ago!). Amongst the little treasures I found a library book that is 13 years overdue. There's sure to be more surprises as I finally settle in to this house.
    Your inchie is lovely, but your tree skirt is really beautiful. I suggest finding a table-top sized tree, maybe even a small live one and make that project really proud.
    Have a brilliant day! c

  9. Love your inchie. Your Christmas tree skirt is wonderful. I can understand, that you started anotherone.