Monday, 3 November 2014

Every Inchie Monday: Violet

Where do the days go?  I can't believe it's time for another Every Inchie Monday.  This week's word is violet.  I love the colour words.  I found when making this inchie that some of my beads, such as the large Swarovski cube, were really too heavy for the fabric background I was using.  Also the fabric kept fraying and if I kept cutting off all those ends it would have ended up a half-inchie!

Also, for some reason, I drew a violet crayon, but I used an Inktense pencil to colour it.  How I loved those 64 crayon boxes with the sharpener as a kid. 


Have a colourful week.


  1. I love your inchies! That fabric one is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous (particularly as it's half an inch :)) and the crayon is cute.

  2. Ah, yes! Crayola memories - I loved those too - in fact I still have some but mostly they get melted onto paper rather than true colouring :-)


  3. love these beads they are so pretty! great job

  4. Fantastic ideas on this small space

    Love Chrissie x

  5. Fun entries. You just need a little Fray Check :) I still love my crayons, in any/all colors.

  6. I still have boxes of Crayolas, LOVE THEM! Your fabric inchie is a brilliant shade of purple and love the beads! Have a brilliant day! c

  7. Kia, Iove both of your interpretations!!! It's so funny about the nostalgia with the crayon box. I feel the same way, and what's so nice is, that I get to revisit a lot of that again with my little ones. And believe it or not, I do say a lot of times, they just don't make things like they used too. Kinda funny. (i believe my parents used to say that to me.)
    Thanks for the sunshine on my blog!!
    Have a happy week! :0) Share Humanity