Monday, 19 January 2015

Every Inchie Monday: Elephant

Hi Folks,

Another lovely animal this week at Every Inchie Monday.  This time we have Elephant and I'm expecting to see some adorable ones, just like we did with giraffes.

My drawing inchie again comes from a picture I found on Google.  I love the way Elephants have a built in shower function.

Does anyone else remember elephant jokes from their childhood?  My favourite was always: Q:  'How do you hide an elephant in a cherry tree?'  A:  'You paint its toenails red'.  There were lots of equally silly jokes like that.  So my elephant has red toe nails.
I'm still working on my quilling.  I do like those jiggly eyes.
Wishing you enormous good things this week.


  1. Hooray, another quilling picture from you - excellent, well done! And what a gorgeous drawing with the red toenails :D. Yes, it's really good how we thought of jokes without looking at each other's. :D

    1. P.S. Why don't you come on over to Moo Mania as well :D

  2. Love the quilled elephant with the googlie eyes! and love that Elephants do have built in sprinklers

  3. Wonderful elephant with her red nails!

  4. She is very special with her red toe nails :-) Cute Elephant!

  5. Amazing inchies again--heaven knows how you made the one in the quilling--wonderful

    Love Chrissie

  6. Woohoo, these rock, I love the quilling/googly eye!


  7. Wonderful inchie, and yes, I do remember the jokes.

  8. Both of your inchies put a smile on my face. I love the red toenails and the quilling is just wonderful!

  9. I like your quilling and great inchie!

  10. Pretty drawn and fabulous quilling inchie.

  11. You go girl!!!! Wow, you are really challenging yourself with your quilling!!! I think it is awesome!! I don't think I even tried anything as small as an Inchie, when I first started quilling!! He is adorable, and I love the googley eyes!! Your other lil' guy is just precious too!!!

    Thank you ever so much for the loving words on my last post!!! And I feel for you and the situation you are facing!! Just remember, change can be good!!! Sometimes its just hard to look past the initial change to see what is among the horizon!! I will keep you in prayer that you may be guided to whatever brings you the most peace and joy for your future!! Sentimental feelings to something, somewhere, and someone are very strong and hard to let go. Now a days, we can take pictures of just about everything and situation, to where that is all we really need to hold onto to remember!!! (I am a very sentimental person, almost to a fault ) Anyway, we will work through this change together, does that sound? Whenever you need a little pep talk, just ask me. And if I need one, I will be calling upon you, my friend!!! Sound like a plan???
    (((hugs))) to you!!! Have an awesome week! :0) Annette