Monday, 12 January 2015

Every Inchie Monday: Giraffe

Hello Folks,

I love all the animals that are on this year's list for Every Inchie Monday. 

My first inchie is a couple of giraffes based on a cartoon I saw on Google.

I'm going to try to include a quilled inchie this year.  I don't know how long this will last, or how successful I will be, but I do like my giraffe.  Still a little wonky, but getting better.  I like the silly eyes.

Have a silly week - it's more fun that way.


  1. That is one faaaaaaaantaaaaaaaaaastic (word as long as the neck) quilled giraffe! You go, please don't give up, I want to see more of your quilling - you have a flair for it. The drawn ones are too cute to look at - I went all gooey at the knees. Hard to do an uncute giraffe, isn't it. They are gorgeous.

  2. love the pair of giraffes and the quilled one is silly-adorable! Great job

  3. Wonderful drawing and stunning quilling.

    Love Chrissie

  4. Oh my, that quilled one really made me smile!


  5. Fabulous inchies, the quilled one is brilliant.

  6. Oh, definitely do more quilling. I need the motivation to work on it more myself. I love both of your giraffes, but I don't see how anyone couldn't love such an animal.

  7. Wow, both are fantastic!! Of course the quilled one is my fave! Wow, you went all out!!! You really are doing an amazing job for just starting! I had to laugh with your comment on my blog! And yes, I am going to be challenged if I do tangled Inchies all year! We'll see! Have a great week! :0) Annette