Monday, 23 May 2016

Every Inchie Monday: Button

Hello Folks,

I do love the button that comes along at this point in HHGG when out travelers have been picked up by the Heart of Gold.  Looking around at the ship, Arthur "reached out and pressed an invitingly large red button on a nearby panel.  The panel lit up with the words Please do not press this button again."  Pure Douglas Adams.

There is another mention of buttons slightly farther on, but  I think one reference is enough - am I boring everyone?

I confess that Trillian's marvelous collection of buttons and trinkets had me buying some tiny buttons for no other reason than that they are pretty:

I couldn't think of how to quill a button, but I do have the Martha Stewart button punch, which I bought simply because I love buttons.  So it's not quilled but it is made of paper.

Hope everyone has a good week.  And for those of us in  Canada - Happy Victoria Day (We celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday.)  The weekend is also called the May two four weekend, because of the date, and because Canadian beer is sold in cartons of 24 cans.   It's the unofficial beginning of 'summer'.   Enjoy the holiday and fireworks.  "It's the twenty fourth of May, [edit] the Queen's birthday, if you don't give us a holiday, we'll all run away"  (childhood rhyme which no one sings anymore).  [realized on Tuesday I had the rhyme wrong - ah memory]


  1. love the little buttons, I do love buttons. But I think veryone loves buttons!

  2. Dear Kia, happy holiday to you! Thanks for all the information as I'd be lost without. Our summer officially begins with next Monday's Memorial Day, but because it's a weekend, the fun begins Friday, or even Thursday....Cute buttons! I love buttons, too. And the paperpunch, how cool is that? Cheryl

  3. Yes it was tempting to do a red button but how could we ever put all that writing on a button smaller than an inch?! Glad you gave us the reference for button in the HHGttG as I couldn't remember! Love your little turquoise buttons though - don't you just love buttons?

  4. I'm sure I am not the only one who loved playing with the button tin as a child! Tiny ones are even better. Funny to read with the real button meant in the book. Seems I have done that accidentally LOL!

  5. Nothing wrong with a punched button rather than a quilled one!


  6. I used to love playing with buttons as a child, now I just seem to collect them in all shapes and sizes. Love your inchies.

  7. To very good button inchies.