Monday, 16 May 2016

Every Inchie Monday: Three dimensional

Hello Folks,

First, the spot in HHGG where I found a reference to this week's word at Every Inchie Monday:  three-dimensional.  It comes in a description of the Heart of Gold at the beginning of Chapter 11, where we are told the cabin is NOT "an ordinary three-dimensional oblong room,"  Because of this fact, it "looks excitingly purposeful" and kept the designers happy.  OK...  

Here is a rather boring three dimensional box drawn in two dimensions.  It used to be one of my favourite things to teach to first year art students because if you follow a few easy rules it is quite simple to make things look 3D and it always gave the students a great feeling of accomplishment.

 More exciting is the type of street art that draws on flat pavement and makes the image look three dimensional. Often you have to look at a particular angle to see the effect, which has been used in painting for hundreds of years.  This particular one is a simple little guy but I love this artist's work (If anyone can tell me her/his name I would love to know.)  There are many more examples, some very complex, to be found on my Pinterest Board called Street Art (my Pinterest name is Kia2828).  Or Google it.

And for my quilled offering I made a three dimensional mushroom. 3D quilling is its own separate little niche.  (It's less than one inch tall too!) 

Obscure fact:  Did you know that one of the earliest science fiction novels (1884) is called Flatland and is about a world where everything has only 2 dimensions.  

There, I got through the whole post without spelling dimensional with a 't'.  Thank you spell check.


  1. Great ideas and a stunning second inchie

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. first off, God bless spell check! LOL I do love both the inchies, one looks very similar to one I will be doing. I also love the 3D street art. It is always amazing. Also love trompe l'oeil. That stuff always blows me away!

    1. trompe l'oeil - my brain simply would not remember that term - it's been bugging me since I wrote this post. Thank you thank you...ah the aging brain

  3. Fabulous 3D quilling - such a fun mushroom! I love that street art too but, like you, no idea whose it is :-(


  4. Dear Kia, the mushroom is soooooo cool. Love it. I think you're thinking of Julian Beever, probably the most popular street art painter on the 'net. Check this out: CHeryl

  5. Yes, Kia, drawing boxes and learning about perspective and dimension was always great for encouraging the "I can't draw" students. I also love that street art. Amazing what they can do. And, your mushroom is a fun piece too!

  6. Fabulous mushroom, and the street art is amazing.

  7. Great inchies specially love your mushroom and l love street art