Monday, 2 February 2015

Every Inchie Monday: Kitchen

Hello Fellow Inchers,

We had a major snow storm last night and my internet is wonky on my computer - the power went off twice last night.  My computer is damaged and I think last night did it in.  Time for a new one.  So if I can post to EIM I will but may not be able to comment.  (I'm on my phone here.)

Well this week's word at Every Inchie Monday, kitchen, is certainly easier than last week's word talk.

The kitchen is my least favourite room in the house.  To say I hate cooking is an understatement.  But, being as I'm not all that fond of eating either (weird, I know), it isn't much of a tragedy, especially as I live alone.

So my inchie depicts the one appliance I find a necessity:

My best try at quilling this week is to make a cup for tea or coffee, found in the kitchen.

Have a fun week eating all the goodies from your kitchen.


  1. Amazing inches. You did great with the quilling. When I was on my own I didn't like eating or cooking so you aren't alone.

    Love Chrissie

  2. I had to laugh at your microwave. I'm sure if I were alone, that's all I'd ever use. I love that little cup too. Your quilling is really nice.

  3. Alright, this is official - you have a natural flair for quilling. That tiny cup is totally incredible!! I'd hate my internet to cut out on me, but I loooooove snow. I'll swap you any day, but minus the storms :) And you are sooooo lucky you are not into eating. Love the microwave :) Know what you mean about least favourite room - both to use and clean :D

  4. love the cup, what a great job! I also love the microwave and the fact that the time says 911. Kinda like "HELP!" lol not much I can say, when I was alone I mastered that microwave!

    1. Glad you got the help reference! Partially, but not entirely, it was because the 1's took up less room!

  5. Two wonderful twinchies. Love the quilled cup, so cute.

  6. Great inchie and quilled cup, I hardly use a microwave but can understand why you do.

  7. It's funny that you also don't like cooking - I must do it for my two children, but I don't have fun to do it ;-)
    Sweet little inchie!