Monday, 20 July 2015

Every Inchie Monday: Energy

Hello Folks,

I find the abstract concepts the hardest to do for Every Inchie Monday.  Energy is one of those.  I chose to depict two of the cleaner sources of energy.



Using that energy draining A/C this week a bit too much.  Try to stay cool this week, if possible.  Here in Southern Ontario, the sun is working overtime on energy output:  we have a humidex of 40 degrees Celsius, a tad too hot for me.  Not how you usually think of Canada, eh?  

Can you imagine trying to play beach volleyball outside at noon?  Well, the Pan Am athletes are - they are incredible.  Fun games.  I'm enjoying watching what sports the CBC decides to stream.  Wish it were the Equestrian ones.  Only the stadium jumping is being shown.  I guess I should be thankful for small favours.  I can see it might be too difficult to film the cross country, but the dressage is in one place - shouldn't be too costly, which, I have read, is their reason for not broadcasting all the sports.  Elitists.  Off my soapbox now.


  1. Wot's going in the world? There's -2 Celsius in the subtropics here at the moment. Snow! We have winters here every year, but this!!! Not normal for either of us, is it. I adore your quilled sun inchies - you are so cute. And nuclear is clever too.

  2. Great energy inchies! I know what you mean about the heat....we came from 12/15C &then heating on to 28/32C & hot nights....not so good for sleeping as I really like a cool room - the heat is certainly helping Bill's shoulder tho'.


  3. Great inchies. I really love that quilled sun. Your quilling sure is nice!

  4. Love the inchies with great ideas as always. Sounds too hot for sport or much else. Take care

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. love both of the inchies, great work. It sounds way to hot to be outside at all

  6. Fabulous inchies, love both of them.

  7. Fabulous inchies, love both of them.

  8. Great inchies! I love the solar one, it's wonderful :-)