Monday, 27 July 2015

Every Inchie Monday: Yellow

Hello Folks,

I'm known in my family as an intense disliker you yellow (I hate to use the word hate).  No one would dare give me a present that had any yellow in it.  

So this week's word, yellow, for Every Inchie Monday is particularly difficult.  So I decided to go in a direction I have gone before - Saturday morning cartoons!  This time it's Spongebob Squarepants himself to the rescue:

My quilled inchie looks rather like last weeks, because the only yellow thing I could think of that I could quill is the sun - or it could be a flower.  At least this time I got to use one of those cute little buttons that I have been inspired to buy because of other people's use of them in inchies.  The background is some scrapbook paper that I would otherwise never use.  There's always something in a stack you don't like:

Have a sunny week.


  1. Great versions of a colour you dislike! Particularly like SpongeBob :-)


  2. How clever with Spngebob! You're getting so creative with your quilling. Try it with bling as well. And I know what you mean about something a bit ugh in the stack, and then suddenly it becomes very useful.

    1. recently ordered some quilling strips with gold and silver on the edge - can't wait to see them.

  3. I really like yellow mostly for its sunny happiness, But I really dislike sponge bob, mostly because he annoys the crap outta me! LOL But he looks so great! Such a great job

  4. I kind of feel the same way about yellow. But, you managed to make funny and pretty out of it!

  5. Great idea using spongebob, and the quilled one is lovely

  6. Great idea using spongebob, and the quilled one is lovely

  7. Sorry, I really hate Spongebob, but your inchie is funny ;-)))
    Lovely quilled one!