Monday, 26 September 2016

Every Inchie Monday: Brief case

Hello fellow space travelers,

(Well we are on a planet traveling through space)

Briefcase: Another tricky one to find.  It has to do with Deep Thought, the smart computer built to answer the question of  'Life, the Universe and Everything'.  "On the day of the Great On-Turning two soberly dressed programmers with brief cases arrived..."  This evolves into a discussion of whether or not Deep Thought is the smartest computer ever made, which, even though it has just been turned on, apparently it isn't.  All confusing and very Douglas Adams.

I can't find anything interesting to do with briefcase.  I once found a gorgeous grey leather briefcase In perfect condition  in a thrift shop for under $10 -- It must have cost ten times that new.  I used it for a while when I was teaching, but it turned out to be both too heavy and too small.  Similar story:  I once bought a beautiful hand painted leather purse, but it too was too heavy to use on a daily basis.  I get it out every now and then, use it for a day and then put it away with a sore shoulder.

So instead of a picture of that grey briefcase (mainly because I can't find it) I've chosen to go with a briefcase/portfolio that I would like to have.  The only ones in my local art store are black and boring.

I'm a little more pleased with my quilling inchie:

On the kitty front, Kaliko is a little better.  The vet gave her some anti-depressants to  make her eat (and make her happy) and they have worked.  She is eating and has resumed some of her annoying behaviours such as walking on my chest in the early morning and knocking things off of shelves.  I really thought I was going to lose her last week.  I know she is still sick and old, but it's nice to see her happier.  If only it were easier to make her swallow those pills -- anyone have any suggestions?


  1. How about painting a black briefcase to brighten it up? Glad to hear kitty is a bit perkier- does she have a favourite treat you could put the pill into? I hide Bailey's in a lump of cheese or a piece of meat, have even been known to hide it in a dollop of peanut butter!


  2. Humm, I didn't know cats would eat peanut butter. I give my dog his meds in it though. I hope you find some way to get your kitty to take the pill easier. Poor thing. Anyway, I really love that quilled briefcase. That pink carrier sure would be nice to have though.

  3. Love both of your inchies, glad you kitty is better. My dog is sick right now but he is on the mend so I understand what you are going thru. I also would say use PB or as my vet uses, canned spray cheese. They put a bit of cheese on the pill and then open the dogs mouth and put it far enough back that they cant spit it out. They use it for dogs and cats. HTH

  4. Nice briefcase - very colourful and love the quilled version. Glad to hear your cat is on the mend - yes pill giving can be a pain - they always suss it out in food. I just creep up on mine when they're asleep - stroke them make sure I have a firm hold of the head and tip its head back and open the mouth and shove a tablet to the back of the throat - they've swallowed it before they've realised what I did and I just keep calmly stroking them - I have five and it works with them all, well except one who is a bit more wily and has her claws out quickly so I really have to cradle her and hold her front paws! But the knack is to be quick about it and deft. Hope that helps.

  5. Love that pink case, what fun! I like your quilled version, the inner circle looks like the button that would hold it all together. And yes! We are space travelers, hurling around the Sun at 110,000 kph! WEEEEE! What a ride!
    So glad kittie is better. c