Monday, 5 September 2016

Every Inchie Monday: Mice

Hi Folks,

Well everyone who's read The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy remembers the white mice.  Trillian keeps them in a cage on the Heart of Gold and they escape on Magrathea.  It  turns out that the mice are "hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings," not  "little white furry things with the cheese fixation and women standing on chairs screaming in early sixties sit coms," as Arthur thinks. 

 All this time it was the mice who had been running the experiments and who had commissioned the Magratheans to create the Earth in the first place.  The Earth was destroyed by The Vogons 5 minutes before the experiment would have come to fruition, which necessitates the creation of a new Earth. [chapter 24]

I started making Inchies this year before I realized the words were all from HHGG, otherwise I would have made my mouse white:

Even my quilled mouse is grey.  I think he's kind of cute.  I'm not sure why he has a red nose.  Maybe he's a Christmas mouse and wants to guide Santa's sleigh.

I've always wondered why anyone would think women would stand on chairs screaming, terrified of a little mouse.  Or think it was funny.  Stereotyped behaviour invented by men, I'm sure.  I was raised in the country where mice were not uncommonly to be found in the basement or garage.  I was told not to touch them but never was afraid of them.   

Now insects of any kind, on the other hand,  do have me screaming hysterically (well maybe more cringing than screaming) - I simply cannot abide bugs, or anything creepy-crawly  - or slimy!  Yup, definitely phobic.  Maybe I should be more sympathetic towards the mouse-phobic. 

On this pleasant note, enjoy your week.  What are your phobias?  


  1. Terrific inchies yet again and great explanation of where it is in the story.

    I would definitely be up on the chair if a mouse was in the house though I don't mind seeing them outside at all.My children had mice as pets and they smelt awful I thought.

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Cute mice....and I have no fear of them as we live adjacent to woods & get them coming into the loft, they sound as though they have hobnail boots on! Large spiders and snakes, scorpions & locusts would be the bad guys for me lol.


  3. It is definitive a cute little quilled mouse. I love the little red nose. I don't like them coming into the house - if they stay outside I have nothing against them and think they are quite cute.

  4. Such cute little mice. I have encountered many mice, even had them as pets, but a scorpion has had me up on a chair!

  5. Fabulous inchies. I hate spiders and what we call daddy long legs ( flying spiders to me) Not overly fond of earwigs either.

  6. Cute mice, Kia. Love the little red nose. And the refresher on the story. As for fears, drowning is up there for me. I've been bit by scorpions and spiders, so I don't give them any never mind. But put me in deep water? ACK. c

  7. I love that the quilled mouse is guiding the sleigh! ROTF Love it!

  8. Love your little mice - especially the quilled one - so tiny. I know what you mean about mice in the country and I'm not afraid of them but when they suddenly jump out of the chicken feed because I've surprised them - well - that does make me squeal - only because they've surprised me!! I now try and "help" them out of the bin with the scoop - if I'm not quick enough the cat jumps in and catches them, but I have a soft spot for the dear little things thinking they have a family somewhere that would miss them!