Sunday, 12 February 2012


And now for one of the reasons for this blog -- so I can enter contests.

This one is at Going Buggy and is for a set of letraset markers, which I really want.  I've been  eyeing markers such as Copic, but they are so expensive.  So maybe the contest fairy will smile on me.
I'm supposed to link back to their site, which I think I have just figured out how to do (woohoo!)   The date of the post is Feb 13.

contest for letraset markers


  1. Now you need to figure out how to post photos too...we all were beginners once, so happy to help if you are fact I am still learning!

  2. Thanks for the offer of help. So far I am doing all of this on my Asus tablet. I think I'll have to go to my regular computer to even find pictures. Gotta spice up that header.