Friday, 24 February 2012

Further Adventures in Internet Shopping

So I placed my order with, ordering some things I need and more things I don't.  I waited days for my order to be more than 'pending'.  Then it went to 'accepted'.  Finally it gets to 'shipped' and I get a tracking number.   Now I don't have much patience when it comes to ordering on the internet.  When I buy something I tend to want it right away, so I can touch and admire the stuff that I don't really need and that adds to the clutter of an already  way-too-cluttered house.  (That Scottish blood just won't let me throw anything away.  I mean, my grandmother kept a large ball of left over aluminum foil.  And one of elastics.)  Next step: I eagerly go to USPS to see where my package is.  According to them, it was delivered Nov 4, 2010.  Panic.  It really is going to take 25 days to get here because it is already lost.  I immediately sent off an e-mail to find out what is going on.

Now I must give credit.  They answered my e-mail right away, reasuring me that the number may have been used before and I should check back later.  More waiting.  It is a 13 digit tracking number, with letters and numbers.  And it's out of date in less than two years.  This makes me realize that even when you make a new password for a website or account or whatever, and the bot says it is a good password, it really isn't.  The United States post office ran out of numbers.  It must be easy for a bot to figure out any password.  I feel much less safe online and I didn't feel safe before.

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