Tuesday, 7 February 2012

More About my Inchie Love Affair

I am so excited.  I ordered my inchies and inchie stamps and even an inchie punch last night.   There may be a bit of a delay as we figure out how I'm going to pay shipping -- perhaps through Paypal.  I may live north of the longest undefended border in the world, but someone should tell credit card companies and post offices that we are on friendly terms.  I have no idea how long these tiny pieces of paper will take to arrive.  Patience is not my friend.  I'll try to forget I ordered them, then be pleasantly surprised when they come.  (Can't wait.)

Lost Post  -- I Love Inchies

I'm still learning blogspot and somehow I have managed to delete a post about my exciting discovery of inchies.  About how much I love little things and how I want to go order all kinds of little pieces of paper, but how I'm having difficulties finding sources that will ship to Canada.

Most unfortunately, I also deleted a comment -- my first -- from someone, Bella I think, offering me welcomes to Bloggieland, encouragement and an offer of help.  I'm sorry Bella.

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