Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mixed Minded

I just signed up for the Mixed Minded conference in Cambridge, Ontario, being put on by The Art House Studio of Kitchener.   It's amazing how serendipity comes into play.   I was looking at Donna Downey's website, which I absolutely adore, dreaming about  going to North Carolina to take a class from her.  I had even decided when -- May 25-7 or so, so I could potentially go to a NASCAR race in  Charlotte.  But I guess everyone who lives there flees the area when the influx of a hundred thousand rabid  fans descend on the area.

Slight disappointment, but also some relief as huge crowds and my scooter do not mesh well., So I flip through her classes anyway only to discover she's going to be less than an hours drive away from me teaching that weekend.  Out came the credit card.  I'm so excited, maybe even more than about the inchies.

Now, of course, I  have to go out and fill up the list of reqiured items needed for the classes.  And something to carry them in.  Such a hardship ;)   I do have to figure out if all the items are available here.  What, specifically, is a craft mat?  I usually use a plastic table cloth and a smooth piece of wood.  Can't truck a 2 foot square piece of wood around wirh me.  Perhaps The Art Store will know.

It's got to be at least 5 years since I had any kind of vacation.  Woohoo!

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