Tuesday, 26 August 2014

23 Joey's challenge - calendar

Due to the imminent approach of school, Joey at Made by Joey has asked us to tangle a calendar.  Well, I've sort of stretched the rules a bit, because, odd though it seems, calendars make me sad.  They always seem like a way to tick you life away day by day.  Oh, I use one like everyone else to keep my appointments straight, but I don't like it.  Weird, I know.  Also, this time of year depresses me because I am a teacher who can no longer teach.  I am on long term disability because of rheumatoid arthritis and I really miss teaching.

This being said, I still wanted to participate in another of Joey's marvelous challenges.  So I decided to use a depiction of a Mayan calendar and tangle around it.  Hope this is acceptable.  I did it once in black and white, and then added a little bit of colour.

Pattern used:  footlights esses, warts and wobbles, golven (inner ring); featherfall variation, eyelet and ribbon, sonnenbrand, and one whose name escapes me (outer ring).

Happy Tangling.


  1. I think the Mayan calendar is fine. After all, it IS a calendar. I really like the way you've tangled it, and prefer the black and white.

    And, I'm sorry about your RA, and that you're unable to teach any more.


  2. Very innovative. I like them both, the color is very subtle.

  3. I so enjoy seeing folks get creative within the rules. I never would have thought to use another kind of calendar.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  5. Really beautiful - I like it both with and without color (being a purist kind of girl...)