Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Joey's #22 challenge - Two's

Hello fellow tanglers,

This being Joey's twenty second challenge at Made By Joey she has challenged us to "tangle two of something".  So let's see how many two's we can get.  I drew a duotangle, using the two tangles, Well and Esses; it is a mirror image with two sides; Esses itself is a mirror image tangle; and Well is done in two sizes, one of which is twice the size of the other.   Whew.  (It also took me two days to come up with an idea I liked, but I don't think that counts.)  Hope you like it.

Have yourself a great week.


  1. I like your tile and the way you used Esses, it looks like a wall of flames.

  2. Great job! I really love the way you balanced the Well pattern, and love the Esses down the middle.


  3. Good job! Great idea and beautifully done.

  4. So symmetric and balanced! It is so lovely!

  5. pretty cool idea, kia! i never thought about esses being a mirror image but it certainly is, i like what you've drawn here!