Wednesday, 24 September 2014

27 Joey: Birthday Cayke

Well Happy 12th Birthday to Joey's daughter.  Here is some cayke for you.

I often find I have problem with strings.  (String #12 here.)  I can't seem to get creativity into them and I want to fill in every little space.  I think this time that I did a little better than usual with a string.  Or at least I'm happier than usual with my string work.

cayke, pokeleaf, mooka, finery
Hope every one has a happy week.


  1. I think you did really well with this. I like the mooka and pokeleaf additions. and the faintest hint of finery.

  2. This a great tangle. I think this challenge is really kind of difficult. Good job.

  3. .A beautiful tile and the empty spaces gives it peace.