Monday, 29 September 2014

Every inchie Monday: Throne

At Every Inchie Monday this week's word is Throne.

Time for a (short) history lesson!  (The teacher in me just can't resist, although I taught English and Art, not History.) 

This depiction is of the English coronation throne, also called King Edward's chair, in use since 1308.  It was used to crown Elizabeth II (although I'm not sure whether or not she used a copy of the chair - different articles from Wikipedia make this unclear.)   Also, every time a coronation occurs, the Stone of Scone, first mentioned in the 14th century,  is brought from its home in Scotland and put underneath the throne, which was built to hold it.  I love my British heritage.

The Stone of Scone:

Have a regal week. 
P.S.  I'm having connectivity problems, so if I don't get to your site to comment on your inchie, please forgive me.


  1. Love your inchie, and your history lesson.

  2. Always enjoy your stories! I've seen the Scone stone in real life :-)


  3. Nice to get a story behind your inchie. Well done!

  4. Thanks for the history lesson and the awesome looking throne! great job!

  5. Excellent throne and a great photograph of the stone

    Love Chrissie x

  6. Fab inchie and history lesson.

  7. Kia, that is such a lovely throne!! Thanks for the bit of history too!! This was a fun one this week!Thank you so much for your bits of friendlies on my blog!!! Oh and to answer your question, the flower tangle is the Blooming Butter. It is by Shelly Beauch! Go to her blog and look under her tangles for step outs!! It truly is a fun and beautiful tangle!!! Have an awesome week!!! :0) Share Humanity