Thursday, 11 September 2014

Joey's Challenge #25: Leaflet

Made by Joey's challenge this week is to use the tangle pattern Leaflet.  It is as a recognition that Autumn is upon is.  Here are my offerings.

The first is in homage to Lori at all things tanged found Here.
I absolutely fell in love with her Falling Leaves and have borrowed her idea of making the veins of the leaf alternately thin and thick.  Mine isn't quite the same and by no means the same quality, but I couldn't resist this beautiful technique.  Thanks Lori, hope it's OK.


I'm sure the background pattern has a name in the zentangle world, everything does, but I don't know what it is.  I just drew crosshatch lines and emphasized the crossings.  I wish it was more even.

My second offering is not exactly "crispy golden colours" as suggested.  In fact, I am denying the oncoming season because I cannot face another winter like the last one and being forced to stay in a neighbour's basement while I waited 47 hours for my power to be restored.  My neighbours are the best in the world, but 'there's no place like home'. 

Nope, no autumn here.  Haven't seen a red or yellow leaf yet.  Still in the 20's (C) here even if there is snow (shudder) out west.  I refuse the W word this year.  Have a warm week. 


  1. Great tiles, Kia. The alternating thickness of the veins in the first one is perfect, and the colors in the second (while not autumnal) are lovely all the same.

  2. Great tiles! I really love the first one.

  3. Nice tiles. My favorite is also the first one.