Monday, 15 September 2014

Joey's 26 - oke and acorns.

Joey at Made by Joey is into Autumn these days.  Even though I'm still ignoring the season that comes before that W word, I felt it was time to cooperate a little more than last week when I used all green instead of autumn colours.  I found using an acorn as a string quite a challenge,  but ended up quite liking what I came up with.  Colour by prismacolor.

Have a colourful week.


  1. It's so colorful, I instantly have to think at autum leafs and sun. I like it :-)

  2. Beautiful tile, oak trees form little acorns grow.

  3. Love it!! Love the colors, great job.


  4. Kia, the colours are so rich; really lovely! I always enjoy the leaves in autumn, though usually the Arizona desert is mostly shades of beige. May we avoid that "W" word best we can! Have a brilliant day! c