Monday, 8 September 2014

Every Inchie Monday: Red.

This week's word at Every Inchie Monday is Red.  I could not make up my mind which idea to do for Red - so I did  three.  Hope that's OK.

Well let's get really far outside that box.

WKRP in Cincinnati is a TV comedy show that ran from 1978-1982.  It revolved around a radio station and its eccentric workers.  I highly recommend watching it if you get the chance (I think there are DVDs) as it is very funny.  (On YouTube there is a twelve minute clip from the episode about the turkeys you should definitely watch.)

The station ran one famous radio commercial for what seemed to be one of the station's only sponsors (they also had a funeral home as a sponsor if I recall correctly).  Well, it was for Red Wigglers, the Cadillac of Worms.  I cannot get this song out of my head!  Go to Red Wigglers, the Cadillac of Worms to hear the song (it's only 21 sec long). I was surprised to learn there are actually such things as red wiggler worms.  So I drew some red worms (the actual appearance and pictures of worms make me cringe, as I am not the outdoor type, so this inchie is not exact!)

Well, because this is so gross, I decided to do the colour red as well.

But actually the first idea that came to mind, as I rapidly approach retirement, is the Red Hat Society.  As the poem (by Jenny Joseph) goes,
             When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
             With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.
Have a red hot week.



  1. I remember the show. Great ideas for your inchies! Beautiful fabric ones. Oh how I wish I was approaching retirement already.

  2. This is a fabulous collection of inchies Kia and each one is so beautifully done. I have never heard of the worms thing but somehow this inchie is my favourite. I think it is how you have layered them in and out of each other - so effective, it really does look like they are wriggling.

  3. Adored WKRP! Such a great show. Not a fan of worms though LOL But I love the beaded ones (of course) andI never thought about the red hat society. Great job this week

  4. Great set of inchies and ideas this week. My grandsons love worms.

  5. Worms....yep, that's pretty gross but the red hat really makes up for it :-D


  6. Fantastic inchies. They are all wonderfull.

  7. Oh, yes, I do remember that show. I like the red worms. Also, I had the book about the purple since I was much younger. Now I am old and I still live in blue jeans and a t-shirt, not always purple. Great inchies!

  8. Kia, I love your Inchies! The inch worms are magnificent! I never really watched that show but now I want to go and listen to that video clip.Great job! Have a great week! :0) Share Humanity